Residential Real Estate Projects in Mauritius

With its absolutely unique location at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, Mauritius has a well-recognised reputation as a prestigious holiday, travel and retirement destination. The island stands poised as a bridge between the East and the West and with the recent introduction of new government schemes to encourage foreign investment it is the ideal time to develop a project in Mauritius.

Over and above its inviting climate and its beautiful beaches, Mauritius is foremost a political and socially stable, mature democracy, with a financial sector that withstood the financial crisis. The Government actively seeks and welcomes foreign investors, and has put into place a legal framework and numerous incentives to this end.

Mauritius has one of the healthiest and best performing economies in the African region and is buzzing with economic activity. The banking, communications, financial and professional infrastructure is proficient at meeting the demands of international business.

In 2001, the Mauritian government set up the Board of Investment (BOI), now renamed the Economic Development Board (EDB), a specially empowered authority whose objectives are to promote and facilitate investment on the island. The EDB acts as a one-stop shop for foreign investments in Mauritius.

Our services include identification of potential development sites, assistance with the issue of relevant permits, guidance through the appropriate financial and legal frameworks and the marketing of approved projects. We are also able to facilitate introductions to potential business and financial partners and service providers to ensure your success in developing your project.